More About Creative Rubber Products

Research and Development Program

A major emphasis at Creative Rubber Products is Materials Technology – - an effort led by our Small Chemistry Laboratory.

Thanks to a combination of “State-of-the- Art” technology and skilled personnel, our chemists have the ability to develop and test new compounds , new matching  formulations to exact customer specifications and applications  in-house and even shorter timing .  And also the New Formulations can even offer increased performance and ease-of-manufacturing characteristics.

We can custom formulate and develop various kinds of Rubber Formulation to suit different , special requirement and produce high quality black and colored organic rubber compounds .

We can have various kind of materials such as VITON / SILICONE / NR / EDPM / NBR / SBR / CR and TPE etc…in the production .


As a Custom Rubber Compounder,

CRPs, Compounds and Mixes all of its rubber compounds In-house for superior control, higher quality, lower cost, and greater consistency.

We are able to offer a significant advantage with our ability to rapidly respond to customer’s requirements.

Many rubber molders contract out their compound and mixing to custom mixing houses which can result in higher cost and slower reaction time to a customer’s changing needs.

CRPs, can also deliver the advantage of these customized rubber formulations at a competitive price with its substantial buying power of raw material. All of this translates into a high quality end product at a competitive price.


As a Custom Rubber Molder,

CRPs, with our own rubber compounds, we Mold it to any specified shape that customer required. As a Molder ,  we specializing markets in  Automotive , Wire Hardness , Audio , Appliance , Electronic , Construction and Building , Pharmaceutical Industries , etc… .

Our machine range from 200 tons to 400 tons,  we capable to mold rubber bonded with metal too…..such as Clutch , brake , roller  etc……

CRPs, has over 4 Injection presses and over 36 hydraulic vacuum presses operating at our Penang Factory.  Our substantial capacity of injection and hydraulic presses allow CRPs to offer the appropriate molding technology in meeting the customer’s needs.

Depending on the customer’s application, CRPs is able to offer Injection, Transfer Injection, and Compression or Transfer molding processes.  Working with the customer, CRPs will select one of the best from the above process to produce a part, balancing capacity and tolerance requirements with Cost Constraints.


Mold Design and Fabrication,

The molds for customers’ products are designed and manufactured by Independent Tool shops with proven records of quality craftsmanship. The process of mold design and manufacture is a joint effort between CRPs and the Tool shop to ensure a mold that is durable, works smoothly and produces a quality product.

Quality Philosophy

To prosper in today’s economy and global market, we at Creative Rubber Products are dedicated to Continuous Improvements.

We Constantly seek more efficient ways to produce products and services.

We focus on our customers and make customer satisfaction our primary goal.

To achieve further, we operate a business management system which satisfies the requirements ofInternationally recognised standards (i.e. ISO 9001-2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002) this consists of a Quality Policy and a set of governing procedures covering  all areas of the business.This programs has helped us reduce costs, increase efficiency , strengthen our competitive position.

We also utilize a Real Time Computerised Monitoring Systems on all our molding equipment. This state-of-the-art monitoring software allows us to monitor all molding parameters, this help us ensure that the highest quality parts are produced.

Statistical Process Control Methods and Computer Analysis is used wherever possible , we perform Quality Checks of products and equipment throughout the Manufacturing Process.

We Monitor everything precisely Before, During, and After the manufacturing process.


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